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All of 2XL’s sanitizing products are only tested, formulated, and FDA approved to remove 99.9% of common germs on hands and skin. Only EPA registered products will kill specific germs and pathogens on surfaces and equipment.

2XL has been supplying GymWipes to fitness centers and gyms for over 20 years. GymWipes is the original, #1 best-selling wipe on the market. We pride ourselves on innovative new products that solve our customers’ cleaning needs. Although GymWipes have been duplicated and imitated throughout the globe, GymWipes Professional and GymWipes Antibacterial will always be the best wipes that provide the most value to the fitness industry.

Because 2XL wipes are already made with a series of non-toxic chemicals and elements, we do not recommend that you add any other chemicals or solutions to the wipes. Doing so could cause a hazardous chemical reaction that could have dangerous consequences.

Only 2XL disinfectants are EPA registered to kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The following 2XL Products are EPA registered:

  • 2XL GymWipes Antibacterial
  • 2XL Force Disinfecting Wipes
  • 2XL Force2 Disinfecting Wipes
  • 2XL Antibacterial Revolution Wipes
  • 2XL No Rinse Food Service Sanitizing Wipes
  • 2XL CDiffend Disinfectant Tablets

2XL wipes are made from a QUAT-based formula that is hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, bleach, and ammonia-free. To learn more about QUAT-based formulas, read our blog post titled, “What is a QUAT-based disinfectant?”.

Using sprays and towels to clean and disinfect your gym equipment does more harm than good. Spraying liquid chemicals directly onto equipment can cause malfunctions in touchscreens and keypads, and alcohol-based sanitizers and disinfectants can cause cracking and rusting. Because none of 2XL wipes contain alcohol, bleach, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, or phenols, they will not damage your equipment. 2XL wipes cannot reverse the damage already caused by corrosive cleaning chemicals.

2XL wipes are made from air-laid, spunlace, and white substrate materials.

2XL GymWipes Professional is a general cleaning wet wipe that removes dirt, sweat, dust, fingerprints, and other forms of grime from surfaces and equipment. It does not kill bacteria, viruses, or fungi.

All 2XL stands are made from heavy-duty stainless steel and are specially designed to not rust.

2XL wipes should be the only wipes used with the stand, as 2XL wipes are alcohol-free, bleach-free, ammonia-free, and hydrogen peroxide-free which will not cause damage to stands and dispensers.

If your 2XL stand is starting to rust, it could be because you are using a different brand of wipes and the formula contains a chemical that is corroding the stainless steel. It is recommended that you use 2XL wipes inside 2XL stands and dispensers to avoid this problem.

You can find the SDS Sheet under the SDS and more tab.

You may download or save the SDS to your computer or device by right-clicking and selecting “save as”.

Only 2XL sanitizing wipes and hand sanitizers are FDA approved to remove 99.9% of common germs on hands and skin. The 2XL sanitizing products that are FDA approved are:

  • 2XL MegaRoll Hand Sanitizing2.3K Sanitizing Wipes
  • 2XL Advantage Hand Sanitizing Wipes
  • 2XL Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes
  • 2XL Foaming Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

The difference between GymWipes Professional and GymWipes Antibacterial is that GymWipes Antibacterial is EPA registered to kill over 40 pathogens on surfaces and equipment while GymWipes Professional is not.

GymWipes Professional is a general cleaning wipe that removes dust, dirt, fingerprints, and other forms of grime from surfaces and equipment. GymWipes Professional is not EPA registered or FDA approved to kill or remove germs and bacteria. To learn more about the differences between both, please read this blog post.

None of 2XL wipes are EPA registered to kill tuberculosis on surfaces and equipment. To destroy tuberculosis on surfaces, it is recommended that you use alcohol, bleach, or an EPA registered disinfectant that has tuberculosis listed on its kill claim.

For step by step instructions on how to open the 2XL231 hand sanitizer dispenser, please refer to the printed instructions included within the box. To see a video on how to open 2XL231, click here

2XL sanitizing wipes are FDA approved to remove 99.9% of common germs on hands and skin. While all 2XL wipes do not contain harsh chemicals that can damage the skin, we recommend using products that are designed for use on skin such as Mega Roll Hand Sanitizing Wipes 2.3K wipes, Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizing wipes, Performance Body Cloths wipes, Advantage Hand Sanitizing wipes, Stage 2 Hand Sanitizer,

While 2XL disinfectant wipes are made of non-toxic chemicals and will not irritate skin, the use of gloves and other forms of PPE are recommended when removing infectious pathogens and bacteria from surfaces and equipment. Doing so will ensure maximum protection against germs that cause sickness.

To dispose of 2XL wipes, we recommend discarding them in the trash rather than flushing them. For additional disposal information, please review the label place on 2XL products.

All 2XL wipes are delivered in a sealed bag and/or bucket designed to prevent leaking and retain wipe moisture for maximum efficacy. If you find that your 2XL wipes are drying out, it could be for a few reasons:

  • If your wipes are drying out and you have them in a stand or dispenser, you may have taken the wipes out of the bag and placed them inside. Please keep wipes in the bag when using them inside of stands and dispensers. Thread the wipe through the hole while keeping the roll itself inside the refill bag. This will keep them from drying.
  • If your wipes are left open or exposed and are not sealed or inside a bucket, this will cause them to dry out. When storing or displaying 2XL wipes, it’s best to have them inside the 2XL1 bucket or a 2XL stand
  • If your wipes are in a refill bag and are still drying out, there could be a hole in the bag or the bag may not be sealed properly to prevent them from drying.
Return Policy & Refund Policy

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, we’re here to help. Please see below for information on our return and refund policies.


We accept returns that are unopened, in resalable condition, and in the original packaging. Product may be returned up to 30 days from the day your order(s) is processed.


Once a product is received, we will inspect the item(s) and notify you about the status of your refund and/or credit within 7 business days. We will initiate a refund in the form of a credit* on your account for future use or a refund to the original method of payment.

*Returns that are less than a case will be issued a credit on the account.


The cost to return the item(s) is not the responsibility of 2XL Corporation. Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Please advise in advance so that a return authorization (RA) number may be issued. This will alert our warehouse to expect the return of your item(s).

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If you have any questions on how to return your item(s) to us, contact us at info@2xlcorp.com or via phone at 708-435-4000.