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Cut the cost of home cleaning with windup

- 2xl

We are excited to announce the launch of our first consumer-focused product, the Windup. Equipped with push-button sprayer and self-advancing roll technology, the Windup can clean and disinfect up to 20,000 square feet with a single, long-lasting microfiber roll that its users never have to touch. No more stopping to change pads, a single roll cleans more space at a fraction of the cost of competing products.

Engineered and tested over a 5-year period and backed by one of the country’s leading suppliers of disinfecting and sanitizing cleaning supplies to healthcare, fitness, education, and similar commercial facilities, 2XL re-engineered virtually every inch of the traditional mop. The result is a brand-new, ergonomically designed device that can clean a much larger area, more effectively, in less time and at a lower cost than other products.

“Craftsmanship and design excellence are integral to all 2XL products, and our engineers have outdone themselves with the Windup,” says Bob Giammanco, CEO of 2XL Corp. “We’ve built an easy-to-operate and inexpensively consumer-friendly floor cleaner that takes and applies what we’ve learned in some of the world’s harshest commercial environments.”

Unlike pad mops that require constant changing, the Windup uses a replaceable roll that keeps you moving until the entire job is done. Then, because the Windup is designed to make effective use of every inch of the roll (not just the front portion like most pad mops), one Windup roll is equivalent to using several dozen refill pads of competing products.

Standout features of the Windup include:

  • Push button self-advancing roll. With the only self-advancing wipe on the market, the Windup enables nonstop cleaning in less time, with less waste.
  • Touchless ejector. Stop messing with messy pads! Users will never have to stop, change, or touch a dirty pad again.
  • Double-headed cleaner. Built with two exposed lead edges, the mop can be flipped upside down for extended reach and flexibility.
  • Refillable cleaning solution tank. Users are not locked into proprietary cleaning solutions; they can use 2XL’s own specially formulated cleaners or opt for their own options.

Most importantly, the Windup isn’t just customer- and budget-friendly: it also still manages to clean to an extreme to ensure every use results in a beautiful, healthy, and hygienic home environment